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Double Glazing Repairs FAQ about UPVC windows & doors

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FAQ in simple layman’s terms:

Q1. How do I know if I have Aluminium (metal) or UPVC (plastic) windows and doors?
A1. Measure the edge of the open door or window, Aluminium thickness is approx 30mm-50mm and tends to have a wooden sub-frame, UPVC is approx 60mm-80mm.
Aluminium is colder to touch then UPVC but can still appear like UPVC when plastic coated.

Q2. When I close my window there is still a gap and draft?
A2. There are two main reasons for this problem, the locking mechanism may need adjusting or replacing or the hinges need replacing.

Q3. My front / back / patio / French door will not lock?
A3. Most commonly, just an adjustment is required if the door lock works when the door is in the open position.

Q4. How do I know if my doors are Patio or French doors?
A4. Patio doors are on rollers sliding open and French doors are on hinges and swing open.

Q5. My double glazing is really old can you still repair it?
A5. 99% of the time yes even if the broken part is discontinued we can use similar parts.

Q6. I have broken my key in the window/door lock?
A6. This can normally be extracted.

Q7. My window / door, is locked shut and I do not have the key to open it?
A7. The lock can be picked open and changed, causing no damage to the framework.

Q8. I need a cat flap fitted into the bottom of my door?
A8. The lower door panel if in glass can be changed to a solid panel with a cat flap fitted. Therefore you can keep the glass panel and refit when you move home.

Q9. I wish to lease my property but the local authorities insist that all above ground windows have child safety and fire escape hinges.
A9. The hinges can be changed and child safety catches can be fitted.

Q10. My door is catching, on the bottom of my threshold and the handle is stiff to operate?
A10. The door has dropped and requires realigning.

Q11. My door mechanism with multi point locks has broken. Do I need a new door?
A11. No, most times the lock can be renewed.

Q12. The handle on my window is turning but the window does not open?
A.12 This could be due to the handle is faulty or the locking mechanism inside the window is broken, both can be repaired.

Q13. My tilt and turn window is not functioning correctly?
A13. Most times this is because the window has dropped or jumped a cog inside the drive gear and can be rectified with a few adjustments.

Q14. Can most repairs be completed in one visit?
A14. Yes, we carry most parts on the van and 90% of jobs are completed in one visit.

Q15. Do you give free estimates, over the phone?
A15. Yes, if you tell us your Double Glazing problems, we can normally diagnose and supply you with a price over the phone.

Q16. My letter box / postal flap has broken?
A16. This can be replaced to match your existing fittings.

Q17. One of the hinges, have broken on my door?
A17. Most times the broken hinge can be renewed.

Q18. My window or door, is letting in water?
A18. Most leaks can be easily solved.

Q19. Do you replace windows and doors?
A19. No, therefore I make every effort to repair.

Q20. Do you charge, VAT or Call out?
A20. No, I do not charge a call-out fee and as a small family run business, I am not VAT registered.

Q21. My warranty has run out with either: Acorn, Anglian Home Improvements, BAC, Brampton Windows,  Britrlite, Camelot, Crown, Crystal, Everest, Sutton Windows, Trade Windows, Weatherseal, Zenith or ANY other double glazing installer, do you have the parts to fix my windows or doors?
A21. Yes, we carry most parts on the van and can repair almost any type / make of window or door.

Repairing a UPVC window with a worn & damaged hinge Repairing a loose UPVC window handle and broken mechanism The Window Wizard Repairs a drafty window rubber seal
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