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Zero VAT for all The Window Wizard Customers Plumstead Thamesmead Charlton

The 1st January 2010, sees VAT increased from 15% back to 17.5%

Because The Window Wizard is a small family run business and our turnover is less then £68k (because we only repair and do not have a large turnover installing new double glazing) we are not required by law to be VAT registered, so all our customers will benefit from no VAT charges at all.


The Window Wizard has held its fixed prices (accept glass units*) since 2005 and we intend to hold all our fixed prices, until the end of 2010.

* Due to Pilkington Glass adding an energy surcharge and continually increasing their glass prices our double glazed sealed units have unfortunately also increased.

What is Pilkington Glass Energy Surcharge:

Why Pilkington BPE introduced an energy surcharge, in 2004
It was clear in 2004 that our cost base was being significantly inflated by unusually high energy costs which seemed likely to continue to rise for some time. We wanted to introduce a system, distinct from normal pricing, where we could pass on some of our cost increases to our customers in a clear & documented fashion. By highlighting that this element of pricing is directly related to fuel/energy prices, we signalled to our customers that we wished to be transparent about this major cost driver.

Why Pilkington BPE continues to apply an energy surcharge
Nobody can doubt that the high energy cost environment is still with us. In fact, it is visibly worse than when our energy surcharge was introduced. In our personal lives, we see this with high prices at the petrol pumps & big bills for domestic heating. In the same way, Pilkington’s energy costs have risen significantly in each successive year from 2003. All the reasons for the initial introduction of our energy surcharge are now even more valid. Of course, we continue to hope that energy costs revert to historic levels at which point there will be no surcharge, but we do realise that this is unlikely in the short term. We firmly believe that our energy surcharge remains the best way to pass on some of our increased costs. It allows us to remain profitable, so that we can invest in the products & services that we need to delight our customers, but it also gives our customers a strong, clear & public argument to pass their cost increase on to their own customers.

Why Pilkington BPE introduced a currency exchange rate factor to the energy surcharge

Most customers accept, understand & support the reasons for the Energy Surcharge but the oil price is quoted in $US and in recent times this currency has shown volatility against European currencies. As a result and following the quarterly review in July 2008, from 1st August 2008 we introduced a currency exchange rate factor to reflect the movement of the US$ against European currencies, including £Sterling. This exchange rate factor was introduced because it had become apparent that a part of the oil price was being determined by currency exchange rates.  According to the relative strength or weakness of the US$, the currency exchange rate factor adjusts the energy surcharge band level derived from our tariff, up or down, to another band level on the tariff.

Full & consistent application of our Energy Surcharge across Europe
In order to ensure that the message behind our energy surcharge is understood across the European glass markets, we charge our energy surcharge in full to all our own Downstream branches. Our branches pass  energy surcharge onto their customers.

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Types of Patterned / Textured Glass Abbey Wood Plumstead Charlton Woolwich

If you are not sure of the name / design of your textured glass have a look below:

Pilkington Glass names designs patterns list

1. Mayflower 2. Arctic 3. Autumn 4. Chantilly 5. Charcoal Sticks 6. Contora 7. Cotswold 8. Digital 9. Evergreen 10. Flemish 11. Florielle 12. Minster 13. Oak. 14. Pelerine 15. Stippolyte 16. Sycamore 17. Taffeta 18. Warwick

Above are the current range of glass designs from Pilkinton.

If you can not see your design then maybe your design has been discontinued.

A few discontinued glass designs are still available while stocks last.

I carry a sample of all the Pilkington Glass designs for your piece of mind when ordering new textured double glazed sealed units.


The Window Wizard – Call: 020 8310 4193 – Mobile 079 5058 2631 – Website:
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